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Thak Soon Sdn. Bhd. is offering wide ranges of project management and construction claims consulting services worldwide.

Thak Soon Sdn Bhd, a well-established construction company has metamorphosed from a local building & civil engineering contractor to a leading nationwide builder with well managed by a strong team of family members as well as dedicated and able construction professionals.
Over the year, we have delivered our construction service to the clients from varies operating business and established a reputation for quality and reliability in the domestic market.
These have resulted in substantial growth for the business and we have successfully expanded by taking bold strides forward to diversify our services in many areas.

The company strived to deliver a high-quality project safely, on time, and under budget. We do this consistently because we have proven corporate procedures that govern the way we build projects, and a highly skilled, well-trained construction management and supervision staff.

The company is a leading full-service program and construction management firm that offers a multitude of comprehensive consulting services encompassing all facets of the construction lifecycle.

Whether it is educational facilities, healthcare, affordable housing, or public works projects, we can assist you. Through pre-construction, construction and project closeout phases, we have the staff to ensure your project is completed effortlessly and on schedule.